Folly sign in England!

I’m nearly 4000 miles away in England and look what happens to be right down the road!



End of the Mustang Makeover

The little miss headed back to VA after her stay in PA during the Extreme Mustang Makeover. She handled all the commotion of the weekend like a star and loved meeting some of her fans. But the real stars of the show were her trainer, Richard Garner and Jake the mustang who came in 5th in the competition




Trying to make friends with Peanut:


August 17th update from Rich at Fish Tail Bar G

Folly update from Fish Tail Bar G, LLC
I wanted to update everyone on Folly’s progress. She is very bright and tries to please once she understands something. She has taken to the training and is ready to ride as she is soft on the bit and takes the weight of a rider very well. However, the gentling process has not caught up with the training process as she is still very reactive at times and will get scared and try to safe herself by bolting off. This is normal for the mustangs and must be treated with great care as she could easily develop a very bad habit. We are continuing to advance her skills while we patiently wait for her to be ready to ride. I am anticipating that happening next Sunday or Monday when we return from the Mustang Makeover in Shartlesville, PA. Folly will be making that trip for the exposure and to avoid her missing three training days in a row. If you are up there come by to see her and Jake! It will be a great weekend. Rich


Apologies for the lack of posts on here vs Facebook. The past month sure has been a busy one! Folly attended the Mustang Makeover as a spectator/cheerleader for Rich and Jake, Rich briefly went to Italy, I went to England, Folly was brought back up to speed, and then had a very successful first ride. Stay tuned for more detailed posts about everything 🙂

Folly’s Fourth Weekend